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Behavioral Health Services saves you valuable time and resources so that more productive effort can be spent with your clients. Stop capturing data with a pen and paper, only to enter the data in a spreadsheet. Why personally make graphs and other charts when the app can do that for you automatically.

Just use use our convenient mobile app on any device to capture the data. We offer you the ability to capture all of the environmental factors as well as the behaviors. Let us automatically graph the information and provide status based on the factors captured.


Mindshare Technology is a Tampa, Florida based company and since 2004 has been researching and implementing new and improved methods to liberate the facts contained within data. Mindshare has deployed and currently supports the first and only operationalized, child welfare focused, predictive models for daily use.

Mindshare seamlessly interoperates with Statewide and local systems to target relevant data to isolate key patterns, identify case file irregularities, and improve accountability at all levels. Mindshare’s system is currently tracking over 100,000 children daily for safety and risk factors.

Now, Mindshare is lending its expertise to the Behavioral Therapy Community. As a parent of special needs child, we knew there had to be a better way to collect data than using pen and paper. We surveyed Behavioral Analysts and learned there’s a great need to collect data more efficiently. There’s even a greater need to analyze this information more efficiently. We now offer Behavioral Therapy Services.


Capture the information you need, when you witness it.  Our convenient mobile app works on any device and our software allows for desktop data collection.  Start collecting the environmental factors that cause the behavior, so you can identify the trigger and eliminate the behavior.

  • Behaviors
  • Antecedents
  • Consequences
  • Intake
  • Sleep
  • Medications
  • Excretory
  • Wellness
  • Exercise
  • Illness

Add more on the fly!


You no longer have to enter data into spreadsheets and create graphs in order to analyze the information.  We utilize machine learning to analyze the environmental factors, along with the behaviors.  This results is creating graphs automatically, allowing you to examine a single environmental factor, or all of them together with a single click.

All of the data is easily exportable, including the graphs, with phase lines.  Save time by simply using our graphs in your reports.


The use of predictive analytics for Behavioral Analysis, while still in its infancy relative to other human service populations, is continuing to be discussed and redefined. Often confused with standard business intelligence, predictive analytics represents an evolution from business intelligence in that it is more than mere statistical analysis, and is centered instead in data science that envelops a process that is applied to refined sets of data.

We employ Predictive Analytics to learn what’s causing the behavior by identifying trends and triggers to behaviors.  If we can identify the trigger, we can eliminate the behavior.

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